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New York Times: Reining In Egypt’s Military Aid

Egyptian leaders have come to see the annual $1.3 billion American military aid package as an entitlement they are due in perpetuity for having signed a peace … [Read More...]



Stop The Mass Death Sentences – National Rally

  Join Our National Rally, May 10th, 12 - 4 pm, Lafayette Park, Washington, DCDemand an end to the military coup in Egypt, an end to the … [Read More...]


Protest Egyptian Foreign Minister’s Nabil Fahmy

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The ‘Sisification’ of Egypt’s media

hortly after the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi, Egyptians jokingly said that maybe the only benefit we reaped out of the January 25th Revolution … [Read More...]

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The White House’s empty words on supporting Egyptian democracy

PRESIDENT OBAMA, a White House aide said Friday, wants “stability” in Egypt but believes “that stability ultimately is going to be best served by … [Read More...]