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UN considers freezing Egypt’s membership

At least 37 countries will meet to consider freezing Egypt's membership to the United Nations General Assembly in response to its human rights violations and … [Read More...]



Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt

Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt Monday, April 14, 2014 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga University Center, Room #220 642 East … [Read More...]


Webinar: Conflict in Egypt

Dr. Michael McMullen from the University of Houston Clear Lake on Egypt’s current political and social conflict Gain more understanding of the … [Read More...]

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The White House’s empty words on supporting Egyptian democracy

PRESIDENT OBAMA, a White House aide said Friday, wants “stability” in Egypt but believes “that stability ultimately is going to be best served by … [Read More...]

Daily News Egypt, Managing editor Rana Allam

What am I going to tell my reporters?

Nine months ago, last July, when the army backed the people who took to the streets on 30 June and Al Sisi came out in all his glory reading the armed … [Read More...]