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Another Mass Death Sentence in the ‘New’ Egypt

In the new Egypt, there may be even less respect for justice, the rule of law and human rights as in the old Egypt. On Tuesday, an Egyptian court issued a … [Read More...]



Stop The Mass Death Sentences – National Rally

  Join Our National Rally, May 10th, 12 - 4 pm, Lafayette Park, Washington, DCDemand an end to the military coup in Egypt, an end to the … [Read More...]


Protest Egyptian Foreign Minister’s Nabil Fahmy

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Mubarak’s acquittal: what it means for Egypt’s revolution

An Egyptian judge dismissed on Saturday all charges of corruption and of killing 239 protesters (out of over 840 dead) against former President Hosni … [Read More...]


Law in the Middle East : Judge like an Egyptian

  NUMBERS tell part of the story. On November 29th an Egyptian judge absolved Hosni Mubarak, the country’s former president, and seven of his … [Read More...]